Guder - Kort i Decket

The Deck of Divinity

House of Shackles
King of Shackles: Lord Death, King of the Deck
Queen of Shackles: Lady Justice
Prince of Shackles: The Excecutioner

House of Insights
King of Insights: The Patron of Lost Souls
Queen of Insights: The Seer
Princess of Insigts: The Courtisane

House of Curses
King of Curses: The First Assassin
Queen of Curses: Plagues Mistress
Prince of Curses: The Ratcatcher

House of Beasts
King of Beasts: The Dragon Emperor
Queen of Beasts: The Spider Queen
Prince of Beasts: The Snake Prince

The Unaligned
Lady Luck
The Watcher
The Lord of War

Guder - Kort i Decket

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